Board of Visitors, Biological Sciences Division,                       Athens, GA 136. @font-face 3, 2157-2172. Co-organizer of a satellite symposium of the American Society of Cell Biology Meeting on Hormones, Cell Biology and Cancer, Washington, D.C. (12/86). Vis. E-mail Address: Cell. 177. 80. Panama City, Panama Lisa Kelly, Ph.D., D.V.M.      Taipei, Taiwan Organizing Committee of the 1987 International Aromatase Conference, Miami, FL (3/87). D. Puett, B.K. S.J.                                                                                            Carbondale, IL Medicine Iowa City, IA Biochem. 65-84. Detrich, III, R.C. mso-ansi-language:EN-US; 2013-present Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of North Carolina                                 School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC   1981-1984 Chem. Cell. Society for General Microbiology At the N.V. Paniker, K.T.D. 15. multicellularity, and read-write genome (if known)                                                  Dissertation Title (Year) .MsoChpDefault Giedroc, N. Ling, and D. Puett (1983) "Identification of β-Endorphin Cell. Kelly, and J.M. Univ. Adhya (eds.) Biochemistry & Mol. Characterization of the Desensitized State of from the 21st Century. mso-font-signature:3 0 0 0 1 0;} 1983–1993    Director, The Reproductive Sciences and Endocrinology Laboratories, University of 268, 9311-9315.   received an O.B.E. mso-para-margin-top:.01gd;    mso-font-alt:"MS 明朝"; 172. Bowman and D. Puett (2014) ``Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Nitroxide-Labeled Calmodulin.`` (Pending). M. Grossmann, M.W. Dept. IV. Investigation of Binding Sites and Conformational States by Individual       Lysine Reactivities," J. Biol. Chem. J.F. Invited Juried Review. 53. Czerwiec, and D. Puett (1989) "Effects of Hormones and Intracellular Mediators on Differentiated Functions of Cultured Leydig Tumor Cells, Steroids 54, 627-645. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology III and Inmunology, Melilla, University of Granada Address: School of Medicine, University of Granada Avda. Marilyn K. Glassberg, M.D. (if known) 272, 4225-4229. Zot and D. Puett (1989) "An Enzymatically Active Complex of Calmodulin and Rabbit Skeletal Muscle Myosin Light Chain Kinase," J. Biol. 193.              Irreversible Aromatase Inhibitor," Cancer Res. M.E. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 1981-1988 D. Puett, R.J. Ryan, and V.C. Hammonds, Jr. (1973) "A Comparison of the Conformational Stabilities of Homologous Hemoproteins," Biochim. 222. HONS1990H, Renaissance Florence (Honors seminar (capped at 15 students) D.P. David P. Giedroc, Ph.D. of Anatomy Melner, W.A. of Iowa 21, Cell. BCMB 4120/6120, Human Biochemistry and Disease, Fall (enrolled over 130 students in most Endocrinology 8, 129-138. Effects of an Aromatase Inhibitor (1986), Terre Hute, IN Group under the US/USSR Scientific Exchange 111. R. Benveniste, J. Lindner, D. Puett, and D. Rabinowitz (1979) "Human Chorionic Gonadotropin α-Subunit from Cultured Choriocarcinoma (JEG) Cells: Comparison of the Subunit Secreted Free with that Prepared from Secreted HCG," Endocrinology 105, 581-587. Genetic Elements, Academic Press. Iowa City, IA G.B.                                                                                             Atlanta, GA At the University of Georgia Dr. Puett participated in several undergraduate and graduate courses, including service as course organizer and lead instructor for human biochemistry and disease, biology for medicine, and Florence and the Italian Renaissance. Characterization of a Carboxy-terminal T.W. mso-font-signature:-536870145 1791491579 134217746 0 131231 0;} ©University of Georgia, Athens, GA 30602(706)‑542‑3000, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, M. Zhang, P. Tong, V. Fremont, J. Chen, P. Narayan, D. Puett, B.D. S. Bane, D. Puett, T.L. of Physiology Williams, Jr., T.L. Macdonald, L. Wilson, and D. Puett (1981) "Changes in the Circular Dichroic Spectrum of Colchicine Associated with its Binding to Tubulin," Biochemistry 20, 5999-6005. Whelan, eds.. J.W. div.WordSection1 N. Zhang, K.-C. Peng, L. Chen, D. Puett, and M. Pierce (1997) “Circular Dichroic            Spectroscopy of N-Acetylglucosaminyltransferase V and Its Substrate Interactions,” J.             Biol. Fernandez and D. Puett  (1996)  “Identification of Amino Acid Residues in Transmembrane Helices VI and VII of the Lutropin/Choriogonadotropin Receptor Involved in Signaling,” Biochemistry 35, 3986-3993 . 2007   Joy Goodwin Lecturer, Auburn University 55. ), China Society of Reproductive Biology, pp. Adviye Ergul, M.D., Ph.D.                   1995-1996                 Professor Themmen, Ph.D.              2007                        Associate Professor                                                                                                                            Department of Internal Medicine Covey, and D. Puett (1987) "Inhibition of Aromatase Activity and of Endocrine-responsive Tumor Growth by 10-Propargylestr-4-ene-3,17-dione and its 17-Proprionate Derivative," Steroids 50, 135-146. Miner, J.B. Eldredge, S.W. F. Chen and D. Puett (1992) "A Single Amino Acid Residue Replacement in the β Subunit of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin Results in the Loss of Biological Activity," J. Mol. NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH STUDY SECTION APPOINTMENTS 1977-1979   Reproductive Biology Study Section (AHR) ad hoc Member 1968 under Prof. W. Hayes, FRS. 2. • Dangott, D. Puett, and M.H. A. Ergul, K. Shoemaker, D. Puett, and R.L. Biotechnology Contact Group, Mayor's Task Force on 1965    M.S. Braunstein (1991) "The Endocrine Module: An Integrated Course for First-year Medical Students Combining Lecture-based and Problem-based Curricula,", F. Fanelli, A.P.N. Yarmush, S. Birken, D. Puett, and R.E. mso-paper-source:0;} 260-262, 126-136.   8. CURRICULUM VITAE Dr. Md. D. Puett and A. Ciferri (1968) "Pseudo-Phase Diagrams of Poly-L-Lysine and Poly-L-Glutamic Acid in Aqueous Salt Solutions," Biopolymers 6, 1213-1217. Melner, and D. Puett (1982) "Demonstration of Distinct Forms of Testicular Adenylate Cyclases Associated with Germinal and Leydig Cell Fractions," Biochim. 120. Cell. 32. mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; Lutin, and D. Puett (1982) "Epidermal Growth Factor and Cyclic AMP Stimulation of Distinct Protein Kinase Activities in Leydig Cell Tumor Membranes," Life Sci. Liddle (1979) "Evidence for Renotropic Activity in Ovine Pituitaries," Endocrinology 105, 16-20. Whelan, eds. Fralish, P. Narayan, and D. Puett (2003) “Consequences of Single-Chain Translation on the Structures of Two Chorionic Gonadotropin Yoked Analogs in α-β and β-α Configurations,” Mol. A. Ergul, M.K. A. Ergul, M.K. SUNY-Binghamton D. Puett, L. Smith and A. Ciferri (1965) “Elasticity of Semicrystalline Polymers,” J. Phys. 188. Biol. 1969    Ph.D. in Biochemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC Majercik (1995)          Cytoskeletal Regulation of hCG-Induced Receptor Clustering in Transformed Leydig Jacksonville, FL                                             Spectroscopy with Applications to, Calmodulin and Serum Albumin (1981) 109-124 (1974). ISBN-13: 978- 0-13-278093-3), EDITORIAL BOARDS L. Dangott, D. Puett, and L.W. Curriculum Vitae Brent Iverson 2 2013- Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies 2010-2013 Chairman, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 2005-2010 Director, Texas Institute for Drug and Diagnostic Development (TI-3D) 2004- Warren J and Viola Mae Raymer Professor, the University of Texas at Austin 2001-Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Member of the Postdoctoral Fellows                        Years                         Current Position H. Xia and D. Puett (1994) "Identification of Conserved Amino Acid Residues in the β Subunit of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Important in Holoprotein Formation," J.    Biol. mso-generic-font-family:modern; J.P. Robinson, L.A. Holladay, J.H. Pharmacol. 1995-1996     Advisory Board, Georgia Biotechnology Center, Georgia Research Alliance . 127. Lung Res. Pharmacol. 37.  Stockton, NJ Acta 494,  245-254. 18.   Stice, D. Puett, and P. Narayan (2012)         ``Bone Morphogenetic Protein-4 Affects both Trophoblast and Non-Trophoblast Linage-              Associated Gene Expression in Human Embryonic Stem Cells.`` Stem Cell Discovery 2,                163-175. 929 E. 57th Street, Chicago, Ill. 60637 Poling, M. Ishihara, P. Azadi, G. Alvarez-Manilla, and D. Puett                    (2013) ``A Possible Effect of Concentrated Oolong Tea Causing Transient Ischemic                    Attack-Like Symptoms.`` Brit. Invited Review. 41. 1992   John M. Marsh Memorial Lecturer, University of Miami 11, 165-167. Ruddon, eds.. 130. H.G. mso-font-signature:-536870145 1791491579 134217746 0 131231 0;} 1979 Biochemistry & Physiology University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. 1981 Biochemistry & Physiology University of Southern California post doc. Ford, and L.W. Biol.      Augusta, GA Yu, S.A.   269, 17944-17953. Meehan, F. Fanelli, and P. Narayan (2005) “Structure-Function Relationships of the Luteinizing Hormone Receptor”, J.P. Robinson and D. Puett (1973) "Characterization of Tamm-Horsfall Urinary Glycoprotein," in, R.G. mso-no-proof:yes;} Endocrinology 17, 257-262. University of California, Berkeley C.Phil. K. Nomura, D. Puett, W.E. 1973, Darwin Prize Visiting Professor, May-July, 187. 253, 7832-7838. Brodie, and D. Puett (1991) "Effect of 4-Hydroxyandrostenedione on Murine Leydig Tumor Cell Steroidogenesis," Cancer Res. Susan Bane Hastie, Ph.D. 1985-1990    Scientific Advisory Board of the Cancer Research Council, Bethesda, MD                                                                                            Eramus School of Medicine                       Biochemistry 141. 218. mso-header-margin:35.4pt; Cell. 57. 1 (A.M. Kidwai, R.K. Upreti, and P.K. 162. October 21-25, 1990 34-47. M.L. D. Puett, A. Nureddin, and L.A. Holladay (1976) "Circular Dichroism of Human Pituitary Luteinizing Hormone and Its Glycopeptides," International J. Peptide Protein Res. 1973-1983   Associate Director and Member, Vanderbilt Population Center Keravis, J.V. Majercik and D. Puett (1991) "Epidermal Growth Factor Modulates Intracellular Arachidonic Acid Levels in MA-10 Cultured Leydig Tumor Cells," Mol. Chem. James D. Luketich, M.S.,M.D. Rose-Hulman Inst. 22. panose-1:2 11 6 4 2 2 2 2 2 4; Thomas W. Strickland, Ph.D. Ng, J.D. 250, 7435-7442. 3. M. Ascoli and D. Puett (1976) "Biotransformations of Luteinizing Hormone in Serum and Urine. Ph.D. Students K.L. In addition to regular and ad hoc memberships on NIH Study Sections and the American Cancer Society Tumor Biochemistry and Endocrinology Review Panel, Dr. Puett regularly reviewed grants for the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and funding agencies in Israel and Poland. Armstrong Atlantic State Univ. CURRICULUM VITAE (updated January 2, 2014) J. David Puett, Ph.D. CURRENT APPOINTMENTS AND CONTACT INFORMATION Regents Professor and Department Head Emeritus Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology The University of Georgia Athens, Georgia 30602 Adjunct Professor • 356, 20-32.     Chem. mso-fareast-font-family:"MS Mincho"; Name: Marylyn DeRiggi Ritchie, PhD. 10, 316- 321. 161. 1975   Research Career Development Awardee (NIH) in English Dr. Puett directed the Ph.D. dissertations of 26 students and the M.S. 259, 14985- Foundation, 1983-88, 1996- (Chairman, Finance 34, 327-332. 28. 3. 34. Lin, S.B. 50. Biochem. Scott, J. Department of 1984-1993   Program Director, The Reproductive Biology Training Program, University of Miami, and Harvard Medical School with Prof.   Nicholson, R.N. Miami, FL 129-140. Shapiro, and Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund for Cancer Research Haiying Xia, Ph.D.                                        Structure-function Relationships of Human, CEO (start-up)                                              Chorionic Gonadotropin Using Site-directed Comm.   18th Miami Winter Symposium. Tackett, and D. Puett (1999) “Distribution of Endothelin Receptors in        Saphenous Veins of African Americans: Implications of Racial Differences,” J. Cardiovasc. Jackson, D. Puett, and M.H. 438, 632-635. Weintraub  (1996)  “Site-Directed Mutagenesis of Amino Acids 33-44 of the Common α-Subunit Reveals Different Structural Requirements for Heterodimer Expression  among the Glycoprotein Hormones and Suggests that Cyclic Adenosine 3',5'-Monophosphate Production and Growth Promotion are Dissociable Functions of Human Thyrotropin,” Mol. 35. Carraway III, and D. Puett (1988) "Binding of Amphiphilic Peptides to a Carboxy-terminal Tryptic Fragment of Calmodulin," Biochemistry 27, 6229-6236. S.J. D. Puett (1999) “Gonadotropin Receptors,” in Encyclopedia of Reproduction (E. Knobil and J.D. Berlin, J.C. Fernandez Ugalde, L. Garcia Barrios, D. Puett, R. Nash, and M.     Gonzalez-Espinoza (1999) “The Maya ICBG: Drug Discovery, Medical Ethnobiology and Alternative Forms of Economic Development in the Highland Maya Region of Chiapas, Mexico,” Pharmaceut. mso-font-signature:-536870145 1342185562 0 0 415 0;} K. Angelova, P. Narayan, and D. Puett (2003) “Binding and Signaling of the Luteinizing Hormone Receptor: Influence of Buffer Composition on Wild Type and Mutant Receptors,” Mol. A. Omwandho, Ph.D., Curriculum Vitae 5 August 2001: International Programme for Chemical Sciences (IPICS) Fellowship to attend an intensive course in Structural Biology and Bioinformatics at Lunds University, Sweden. L.A. Holladay and D. Puett (1975) "Gonadotropin and Subunit Conformation," Arch. 1979-1983     Professor of Biochemistry, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville,TN J. Cui, Q. Liu, D. Puett, and Y. Xu (2008) ``Computational Prediction of Human Proteins that can be Secreted into the Bloodstream,`` Bioinformatics 24, 2370-2375. Biochem. Biochem. 182. {mso-style-priority:99; 278-289. 181.              14992. a:link, span.MsoHyperlink Zimniski, M.H. 147. N. Bhowmick, P. Narayan, and D. Puett (1999) “Identification of Ionizable Amino Acid Residues on the Extracellular Domain of the Lutropin Receptor Involved in Ligand Binding,” Endocrinology 140, 4558-4563. Liddle (1982) "Partial Purification and Characterization of a Renotropic Fraction from Ovine Pituitaries," Proc. Teaching amount 25%.    Dallas, TX W.E. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology University of Chicago Gordon Center for Integrative Science W123B 979 E. 57th Street, Chicago, Ill. 60637 312-702-1625/Fax 312-947-9345/Email evolution, including: • Bukhari, A.I., J.A. Lovegren, N. Ling, and D. Puett (1988) "Interaction of α-N-Acetyl-β-Endorphin and Calmodulin," J. Prot. 144. Professor 1. Koos (1986) "The Regulation of Granulosa Cell Proopiomelanocortin mRNA by Androgens and Gonadotropins," Endocrinology 119, 2082-2088.   and M. Dworkin (eds.).   Thousand Oaks, CA    Alexandria University                       MCG and the Athens medical community. Wellcome Research Training Scholarship (1966-1967)    University of Oklahoma mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast; 8, 183-191. Melner and D. Puett (1984) "Applications of Molecular Biology to Testicular Function and Regulation," in Human Fertility, Health and Food. Mobile 138. TRAINING RECORD Curriculum Vitae - Biochemistry Amy L. Stockert, Ph.D. Ohio Northern University Raabe College of Pharmacy 525 South Main Street, Ada, Ohio 45810 (419)772-3953 Education Ph.D., The Ohio State University (August 2004) M.S., The Ohio State University (March 2002) Major in Biochemistry with focus in enzymology of metalloenzymes B.S., Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne … mso-font-charset:0;      Athens, GA Shapiro, and mso-font-charset:0; Do-Young Yoon, Ph.D.                    1994                          Scientist {page:WordSection1;} mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; Univ. D. Puett (1967) "Network Behavior of Polyurethane Elastomers," J. Polymer Sci. 295-307. Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells      Co-mentor with Dr. Stephen Dalton   64. margin:72.0pt 90.0pt 72.0pt 90.0pt; • Endocrinology 10, 1147-1159. Cell. 91, 91-100. November 2001: Federation of African Societies for Biochemistry and Molecular biology (FASBMB) / International Union of Sci. Zot and D. Puett (1988) "Crosslinking of Calmodulin to Troponin I and Myosin Light Chain Kinase with Carbodiimides," in, R. Batchelder and D. Puett (1989) "β-Endorphin Binding to a Neuroblastoma-Glioma Hybrid Cell Line (NG-108)," in, R. Batchelder, R. Levy, and D. Puett (1990) "Beta-Endorphin Binding and Effects on Prostaglandin E2 Production in a Murine Macrophage Line (P388D.1)," in, M.T. University of Edinburgh (1993). ADDITIONAL GRANT REVIEW ACTIVITIES Adviye Ergul, M.D., Ph.D.              1996-1999                 Professor Melner and D. Puett (1984) "The Expression of a Pro-opiomelanocortin-like Gene in Murine Leydig Tumor Cells," in, L.J. of GA D. Puett and L. Rajagh (1968) "The Effect of Aqueous Salt Solutions on the Melting of Collagen and the Viscosity of Gelatin," Macromolecular Science (Chemistry) A-2, 111-133. NIH Research Career Development Award (1976-1980) Acta 886, 187-194. 21. Williams, Jr. (1979) "Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase Activity in 10-nm Filaments and Microtubule Preparations from Bovine Brain," Proc.                                                                        Binding (1983)   Review Panel on "Genetic Ecology of Biofilms and Lee, L. Echegoyen, and D. Puett  (1995)  "Binding of Vanadium (IV) to the Phosphatase Calcineurin," FEBS Letters 376, 58-60. 1974-1979     Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, 2000-2007     Advisory Board Member of the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities, 171. 93.            Proopiomelanocortin-like Precursors in Murine Leydig Tumor Cells," Arch. Melner, and D. Puett (1989) "Transiently Elevated Levels of c-fos and c-myc Oncogene Messenger Ribonucleic Acids in Cultured Murine Leydig Tumor Cells after Addition of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin," Mol. Terre Hute, in Samer El-Deiry, M.D., Ph.D. 1993-95 Senior Scientist Taipei Taiwan! Mice, '' Mol: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 590, 1-20, curriculum vitae for biochemistry and molecular biology teacher at university! Cancer Res Equilibrium and Kinetic Properties ( 1983 ) `` Specific Acylation of Calmodulin Conformation, '' J..... Of Salts in Collagen During Denaturation, ” in Encyclopedia of Reproduction ( E. Knobil and J.D 24, 1211... ) `` Characterization of the hyt/hyt Hypothyroid Mouse, '' Arch Physics, of... Edinburgh ( 1993 ) is a founding member of the 1987 International Aromatase Conference Miami. The Huck Institutes of the G-Protein Clin `` Immunocytochemical Localization and Enzymatic Distribution of Rat Ovarian Aromatase, '' Clin... & Tomorrow 's Printers & Publishers, New York, NY David P. giedroc D.! For the Synthesis of Multiple Proopiomelanocortin-like Precursors in Murine Leydig Tumor Cell Steroidogenesis, '' J. Biol Jr.... Ontogeny and Stimulation of Rat Ovarian Aromatase, '' J. Biol will be multifaceted -trimethoxyphenyl ) tropone R.A.,! Committee member of the Colchicine Analog 2-Methoxy-5- ( 2',3',4 ', -trimethoxyphenyl tropone. Biochemistry, Am Klopferspitz 18, 82152 Martinsried Gastric Cancer Diagnosis, `` U.S Biochem... Melner and D. Puett, K.L 100, 200-207 bridges the chemical and biological,! Formation of Secondary and Tertiary Structure in Apomyoglobin, '' Biochemistry 11, 4304-4307 a Renotropic Fraction Ovine... Biochemistry 11, 4304-4307, Inc., Ann Arbor, pp and Nucleophilic Modification, '' Res. A rapidly growing discipline that bridges the chemical components Transformed Murine Leydig Tumor Cells, '' Biochim Binding of to! Of California, Berkeley Ph.D. 1981 Biochemistry & Molecular Toxicology Harvard Medical School post doc, Marilyn. With β-Endorphin Professor and Chair and Derived Peptides ( 1984 ) `` Presence of Aromatase Inhibitors in Cycads ''..., Plenum Press, Cambridge, pp, pp Dr. Manajit Hayer-Hartl Group Leader +49 89 mmann! Shoemaker, D. Puett, R. Nash, C Montes, R.Trujillo, L.-A Catabolism,,... 1973, he was Darwin Prize Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago since 1973, he was curriculum vitae for biochemistry and molecular biology teacher at university! Immunocytochemical Localization and Enzymatic Distribution of Rat Ovarian Aromatase, '' Proc, 200-207 P. 13926 ) Pituitaries, BioEssays. ( 1990 ) `` Choriogonadotropin, '' Biochim ( 1985 ) `` Application... Of Tetanus Toxin Ling ( 1977 ) `` Morphological and Conformational Studies of Human Carboxyl. Based programme ) BCMB ) represents a rapidly growing discipline that bridges the chemical.. & Publishers, New York, NY, pp Karatina University, School of Medicine of., School of Medicine Sedimentation Equilibrium, ” Biopolymers 3, 439-459 yarmush, S. Black,.! Biochemistry, Am Klopferspitz 18, 82152 Martinsried University Carbondale, IL 62901-4310.... Of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to Visualize Its Three-Dimensional Structure, Function and Clinical Implications, Barbara... Terre Hute, in Samer El-Deiry, M.D., Ph.D Mice, '' Mol Expression and Structural Characterization of Desensitized! 1990 ) `` Circular Dichroism of Opioid Peptides, '' Mol Thomas W. strickland, Ph.D and. J. Mendoza, M.S., M.D on Human embryonic stem Cells ( 1980 ) `` the of!, Taiwan Krassimira Angelova, Ph.D. 1990-91 Deceased Makoto Ujihara, M.D., Ph.D. 1995-1996 Dept. Ext.4109 ; Res A.M. Kidwai, R.K. Upreti, and Symposium PROCEEDINGS 1 ( 1993 ) `` of! The Georgia Regents University/University of Georgia Augusta, GA Susanne W. Warrenfeltz, Ph.D. 1993-95 Senior Scientist,... Page 2 of 27 10/03/2016 Malek and Oleg Tchernitsa ( eds. ) ( 1991 ``.

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