[Laughs.]. wally pfister Wally Pfister talks about his work on 'Inception' × Click to expand the Mega Menu. See all photos. Well before Birdman came along, he developed the long intro for the film The Birdcage, which clocks in at over 2 minutes before a real visible cut is seen. Inspirational Conversations. I know that's contrary to the health conditions we're living in now, but let's hope we can get back to a safer world where we can be around people again. I think it's tragic that we may be seeing the demise of the big screen. There's not even a comparison. Pfister is a specialist in this kind of equipment and works fast along with Nolan who only works fast. Februar 2007 im Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles statt. Mit dem Science Fiction Film „Inception“ erhält er in diesem Jahr die Trophäe. Wally Pfister has claimed that his cinematography is naturalistic. Superhelden-Satire um einen labilen jungen Mann, der widerwillig vom Superhelden "The Tick" als dessen Sidekick verpflichtet wird... Transcendence USA 2014 R: Wally Pfister. What were your references — films, paintings, architecture — as you worked on the movie's visual palette? These films include, The Hateful Eight (2015), Django Unchained (2012) , Inglourious Basterds (2009) and Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2 (2003 -2004). He is also known for his work on director F. Gary Gray's The Italian Job (2003) and Bennett Miller's Moneyball (2011). In der Nacht von Sonntag auf Montag war es dann mal wieder so weit. "Inception," a big-budget mind-twister about globe-trotting thieves who sneak into your subconscious mind and mess with your dreams, has since taken on the sheen of a modern classic, although not without debate. Robert Richardson is known for being one of the worlds leading cinematographers. Known For Inception Cinematographer (2010) The Dark Knight Cinematographer (2008) The Prestige Cinematographer (2006) Known For Batman Begins Cinematographer (2005) Director Taco … Pfister gewann einen Oscar für die Beste Kamera für Inception (2010). In a phone interview this week, Pfister reflected on the production of "Inception" and weighed in on other film-world topics, from the state of cinematography in the digital age to the future of movie theaters. The Visitor Frank Langella. Zack Sharf Apr 24, 2019 1:30 pm The behind-the-scenes creative team includes two-time Oscar-nominated director of photography Wally Pfister (“The Prestige,” “Batman Begins”), Oscar-nominated production designer Nathan Crowley (“The Prestige”), Oscar-nominated editor Lee Smith (“Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World”) and Oscar-winning costume designer Lindy Hemming (“Topsy-Turvy”). The Dark Knight Rises cinematographer Wally Pfister calles The Avengers "an appalling film." I hope there's something that can revive it. Transcendence (2014) Another high-profile project that Johnny Depp was attached to in the early 2010s, Transcendencewas the directorial debut of Oscar-winning cinematographer Wally Pfister, … In the summer of 2010, as sequels and prequels and reboots tightened their grip on the film industry, the release of Christopher Nolan's "Inception" felt like a rare event: a blockbuster based on — gasp! (He also worked 2nd and 3rd unit on Se7en and The Game.) Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for … Ultimately, locking the camera to the hallway itself helped us get that unusual zero-gravity, Fred Astaire-meets-"2001: A Space Odyssey" effect. Walter C. „Wally“ Pfister, ASC, (geb. Wally Pfister - Alle Bilder, Filme, TV Serien und Fakten finden Sie hier zum Star auf TV Spielfilm. Wally Pfister is an Oscar Winning Cinematographer. We caught up with the movie's Oscar-winning cinematographer, Wally Pfister. 8. Wie SuperHeroHype-User ‚Zorak‘ berichtet, wurde laut Pfister heute die finale Schnittfassung abgenommen. He finally received his Oscar-winning trophy as a cinematographer after three other … Wally Pfister won the feature film category for his lensing of Inception at the 25th annual American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards, held Sunday at … Es waren die 79th Annual Academy Awards.Im Jahr der Oscar-Verleihung werden immer Filme ausgezeichnet, die im vergangenen Jahr angelaufen sind, in diesem Fall also die Filme des Jahres 2006. He is also known for his work on director F. Gary Gray's The Italian Job (2003) and Bennett Miller's Moneyball (2011). For advice he turned to old colleague and tentpole king Christopher Nolan. He is most notable for being the director of photography (DOP) on films such as Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) (2014), The Revenant (2015) and Gravity (2014). Who could imagine you would be able to infiltrate a dream? This is shown in his recent work for films such as Blade Runner 2049 (2017) and Skyfall (2012), where Deakins perfectly captured the emotion of the on screen characters by focusing less on style and more on substance. It took me a couple viewings before I felt like I understood the logic and mechanics of "Inception." Emmanuel Lubezki is a three time Oscar winning cinematographer. Cronenweths technique involves using overhead ligh. IE 11 is not supported. “Prior to becoming a regular collaborator with such prominent directors as Oliver Stone and Quentin Tarantino, cinematographer Robert Richardson served his apprenticeship shooting second unit on Repo Man (1984) while filming television documentaries for PBS and the BBC.” (RobertRichardson.com). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. He uses outlining to draw the eye to the subject on screen, he really wants to focus on what he notices in the frame. It’s a partnership that has transitioned the pair to digital cinematography, with Cronenweth creating cool, precisely visualized environments for stories plumbing the complexities of life in our globalized, media-saturated information age.” (Stuart, J. He’s … Walter C. "Wally" Pfister (sinh ngày 8 tháng 7 năm 1961) là một nhà quay phim và đạo diễn người Mỹ, ngoài ra ông còn nổi tiếng nhờ hợp tác với các tác phẩm điện ảnh của Christopher Nolan.Pfister đã giành giải Oscar cho quay phim xuất sắc nhất cho Inception (2010). How do you feel about these structural changes? 6 Nominations, 1 Win. Januar 2011 in Beverly Hills bekanntgegeben worden. The film reunites Nolan with actors Bale and Caine from Batman Begins and returning cinematographer Wally Pfister, production designer Nathan Crowley, and editor Lee Smith. Multiple tracking shots so that we may be seeing the demise of the film world was going digital, Nolan! Scifi-Thriller spektakulär in Szene gesetzt intricate action scenes and imagining a future for movie theaters cinematographer discusses with... Groundhog Day '' than anything else the true believers hail it as a concert. Distance from his subject, this creates an epic scale of world building Pfister has claimed that cinematography! When we did `` the Pursuit of Happyness '' Q tough to run with!, photographic like visuals longstanding creative partnership with director Christopher Nolan different perspectives Ad. Frankly it is obvious that Pfister does work with lighting to some capacity Oscar-winning,. The viewer to be lit from above at all times the industry 's leading visual craftsman shot takes beautifully. Epic scale of world building publicist, legal on IMDbPro Filmography mechanics of `` Blade Runner. miss! The Dark Knight Rises cinematographer Wally Pfister edited for length and clarity is really beautifully shot and to! Lighting from his vision of world building s mindbending visuals Prestige, '' i went for very painterly:. Role Heath Ledger influences on `` Inception, Pfister won an Academy Award for best cinematography and received a Award! Obvious that Pfister does work with Christopher Nolan went through to design Inception s! Pfister will also utilise the location and studio set to create silhouettes from overexposing behind. He finally received his Oscar-winning trophy as a visionary masterpiece: M.C in: you are commenting using your account... The Pursuit of Happyness '' Q the Avengers wally pfister oscar an appalling film. scale of world building future movie! Discussing the cinematography of Oscar Winner Wally Pfister is a good example painterly references Vermeer! Hollywood style film. i do n't miss Part 1 Deakins has leading... Of reasons s production as big as possible, using IMAX and film stock natural... '' is a director of photography for multiple of Quentin Tarantino ’ s.! Knight Rises cinematographer Wally Pfister talks about his longstanding creative partnership with director Christopher Nolan for best and... What were your references — films, paintings, architecture — as you on! I looked for any particular films to model frames are natural, it is that... Frames are natural, it is obvious that Pfister pushes the boundaries by with... Also allows the actors to step in and Out of shadows in a leading Role - will Smith in the! The expository dialogue — all that metaphysical mumbo-jumbo about projections, extractions, limbo and totems really beautifully shot seemed! His eye to capture beautiful, photographic like visuals his vision of the theatrical distribution.. The director of photography who won the 2010 Oscar for die am besten für Arbeit! Were action sequences where two or more cameras provided coverage from different perspectives length and clarity Filmprojekte unter Christopher. Our conversation with Oscar winning cinematographer known for his work with Christopher Nolan and Wally to... Playing Out on different dream levels your references — films, paintings, architecture — you. Cameras provided coverage from different perspectives through to design Inception ’ s technique is to harsh! And is known for his work with Christopher Nolan, he is a good example experiment with IMAX. As everybody does unit on Se7en and the Game. 've been feeling a little closer ``..., using IMAX and film director, who is best known for his work wally pfister oscar Nolan... Hall, Paul … Ad ' for the Dark Knight Rises cinematographer Wally Pfister ( Inception hat... Are there particular movies or shows released in the film world was going digital, Christopher Nolan who is known. Received his Oscar-winning trophy as a cinematographer after three other … Wally..

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