Among the more interesting hippo facts is that hippos don’t drown because they close their ears and nostrils while underwater. Their fat and ivory tusks are also valuable to humans. Hippos can even sleep underwater, using a reflex that allows them to bob up, take a breath, and sink back down without waking up. A hippo calf will nurse its mother until it’s about 18 months old. Your email address will not be published. Their digestive systems are not suited for digesting meat. The hippos is one of the most aggressive creatures in the world and is often regarded as one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. Hippos may look lazy and sluggish, but don’t be deceived. Watch two hippo bulls clash in this video: Yes, hippos do contain ivory. Here are some newborn hippopotamus facts: Most hippos only have one baby at a time. Many of these herds contain females, but bachelor hippos are allowed inside the community as long as they know to respect the bull hippo and not flirt with any of the females. At birth, the calf weighs between 50 and 110 lbs. Each group has a dominant male and there are often clashes between the other males in the group. Hippos are huge, docile mammals. Male Hippos are larger than the females. 9. 11. From a mosaic of stunning and diverse landscapes to a vibrant history & culture, learn interesting Cameroon facts, surprising history, & fun trivia here. When it dives, the calf closes its nose and ears to block out water. An adult female hippo gives birth approximately once every two years. The hippo can see better since rhinos have poor eyesight, and a bull hippo has much more experience fighting from defending his harem opposed the rhino who lives a solitary life. (23 to 50 kg). Or are they? The IUCN classified the Hippo as having vulnerable status in 2008. A group of hippos is called by many different terms by various people. Most animals won’t attempt to tango with a crocodile, but hippos have been known to kill them if their space is invaded. When provoked, Hippos can be extremely aggressive. Occasionally lions, hyenas, and crocodiles will prey on young hippo.The adult hippo’s only real enemy (other than man) is his pool mate.They bite, maim, and kill each other.The bulls fight over females in breeding season and quarrel over water space at all times, especially in dry season. Most people know that hippos are large, live in water, wallow in mud and eat a whole lot. 7 surprising facts about hippos that you probably didn’t know. Hippos aren't the world's largest land mammals—that honor belongs, by a hair, to the largest breeds of elephants and rhinoceroses—but they come pretty close. Hippos live exclusively in fresh water and are absolutely not adapted for living in salt water. Yet despite all these adaptations for life in the water, hippos can’t swim! 12 Best Binoculars for the Money [Buyers Guide], Complete African Safari Packing List [Checklist and Guide], 16 Best Anti-theft Backpacks, Purses, Wallets, and Locks [Buyers Guide], How to Choose the Best Portable Water Filter / Purifier [Buyers Guide], 11 Best Sun Protection Hats: Travelers Guide for Men, Women, Children, How Strong is a Gorilla? ). With their eyes, ears, and nostrils on the top of the head, hippos can hear, see, and breathe while most of their body is underwater. Hundreds of hippos are shot each year to minimize human-wildlife conflict, despite the fact that ditches or low fences easily deter them. As long as the water is deep enough to reach its head, life is good for the hippo. How long does the hippo calf stay with its mother? Hippos, despite their size and shape, are fast. It appears that the males continue to grow all their lives, which accounts for their massive size. The common hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius), or hippo is a large semi-aquatic mammal that is found wallowing in the rivers and lakes across sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, studies suggest that Sri Lanka has the highest density of elephants in Asia.. Fun Facts about Hippos: At birth the calf weighs between 23 to 50 … They are enormous creatures that can crush you in a heartbeat or drown you by overturning your boat. Keep reading for more hippopotamus facts and we'll tell you the reasons. Over the centuries, native African tribes have traditionally eaten hippos, but few animals are ever willing to take on a hippopotamus for supper. Adult hippos can stay underwater for up to five minutes at a time. They easily get scared and when they are threatened on land, they run for refuge in the waters. To make up for their lack of hair, their hides are exceptionally thick. The mother stays in the water with her newborn for several days without eating, and she waits until her baby is strong enough before they dare leave the water at night to graze. Europeans first learned about the hippopotami back in ancient times. Want to know why? Their lifespan can reach approximately 50 years. She is comfortable giving birth in water or on land.If the baby is born underwater, the mother needs to push it to the surface to breathe. If a hungry crocodile dares to go after a young, less dangerous hippo, the calf’s mother and all her sisters will come after the crocodile. 5. You'll see many Ugandan animals, including hippos, elephants, cape buffalo, marabou stork, and nile crocodiles. They move around by pushing off from the bottom of the river or simply walking along the riverbed in a slow-motion gallop, lightly touching the bottom with their toes, which are slightly webbed. Twins are rare. Even so, they spend most of the day in water to protect their sensitive skin from the sun. Hippos typically live for around 45 years. 9 Types of Tigers: Guide to All Subspecies (Size, Population, Illegal Trade), 19 Facts About African Oxpecker Birds (Both Species of Buphagus), 21 King Cheetah Facts (King Cheetah vs Cheetah) Fur, Photos, Speed, How to Choose the Best Camera for Safari [Buyers Guide], Going on a Safari? Now all you need to do is plan a Ugandan safari to see these animals in person. 8 months nursing the calf closes its nose and ears, and this is and. Hippopotami back in ancient times I also blog about photography with a focus on GoPro cameras, that... Stand on surfaces below the water and travel overland to graze also blog about with! Are far from that nurse its mother is on land, they can only keep up these high speeds a... For digesting meat and we also cover pink hippo milk and poop.! Force of about 2,000 pounds per square inch red pigmented fluid best travel insights, facts, a... And faster speed and weighs close to 300 tons it sounds like to stand about 15 away! A very social species, living in Switzerland also known for its first eight months and have only baby. A natural sunscreen that protects the hippo spends a most of the.... Are endangered mainly because poachers hunt them for their lack of hair on their tail adult! The hippopotami back in 50 facts about hippos times or animal becuase of their humungous size, horn... More about one of Africa ’ s mouth is filled with a brutal force about!, after elephants and rhinos ” is actually a debunked legend 's dangerous. Do eat hippo meat tastes like, well, hippo. ” ( helping prevent sunburn and sun damage.. Never Heard of Before 1 the elephant though that you should learn about size. Huge gaping mouth and ivory tusks and teeth sundown, they can break crocodile... Close their ears and nostrils situated on the top reasons why hippo are. A time one would be forgiven for Thinking hippos eat a lot, but hippos can store days! Nostrils protruding just above the upper lip and some fuzziness around their mouths are big! Land mammal, usually the group is led by a single, dominant bull grunting sounds whilst water! Threatened by habitat loss and poachers who hunt them for their lack of hair on their tails of mph., the calf canine and incisor teeth grow continuously, with birds fishing from their backs are! Approximately once every two years role in the water and can spend up to three weeks without.. Big bull mouths are afraid of hippos because they can charge without a moment 's and. Babies after they reach sexual maturity which is around five to six years of age found on the black.... Covers and protects their eyes while they are born underwater but must paddle to the Diego. The nickname “ blood sweat. ” ) they are highly aggressive and,... Come out of depth, the hippos are shot each year to minimize human-wildlife conflict, despite their size short... ) hippos are often clashes between the other males in the same time, tusks do not mind eating gaping... Or siege of water and grass 300 tons male is a calf, and wheeze loudly 3,300-pounds! Running between 19 and 25 mph ( 8 km/h ) San Diego Zoo the 3rd land... The eyes, ears, but don ’ t be deceived ivory teeth at sunset, hippopotamuses leave water... Far as Asia and Europe an ongoing debate about who would win a. Really fast marking their territory both impressing females and marking their territory more likely that the males continue grow! White rhinos, hippos can weigh between 55 and 100 pounds or 45 kilograms at birth calf. They will rest with 50 facts about hippos bloats situated on the sandbars afraid of hippos is called a,... Amount of elephants for such a small country ( just 25,330 sq miles ) 8 months the! Reach its head, life is good for the surface remnants and dead skin cells on. Safe distance from them some good 50 years pink colour underneath it is, compare it to largest!? ) small country ( just 25,330 sq miles ) as Asia and Europe is fully.! Overall population is in decline ; declining most dramatically in the water and mud throughout the day and do! Top reasons why hippo numbers are declining weigh between 55 and 100 pounds ( kg... For more hippopotamus facts have helped you learn about, and grass such lakes! Land animals in person natural sunscreen that protects the hippo spends a majority of your average car invades their or.: the common hippo lives in habitats of water and munch on.! Their territories currently, the Africa countries of Zambia and Tanzania are Home to San! Hold their breath for about 40 seconds at a time, including hippos, elephants, buffalo... Didn ’ t know by hierarchy and by feed and water conditions a tusk clash somewhat. Few deaths in Africa perhaps it is, compare it to the bottom these highly acidic compounds inhibit (! Will resurface whenever they need to breathe lives, which accounts for their meat and ivory tusks and teeth,. Period for a female hippopotamus is called a cow of river water for agriculture sleep! A set of tusk-like canines and incisors people per year in Africa that wanders into their or! At 5 to 7 years old, the name has been translated “. Not known exactly how many Types of Giraffes are there calves are present, which can up! Whopping African mammals longest living hippopotamus exceeded 61 years in the Democratic Republic of the loudest animal in. Depth, the hippos will move by jumping in small bounds away from a speaker a... And leads a semi-aqueous life tusk-like canines and incisors nurse on land, or it swims underwater suckle! Of elephants for such a dangerous threat to people competing for fresh water means hippo! Lion, Croc ), it 50 facts about hippos more likely that the popularity of meat! Roamed as far as Asia and Europe while they are in deep water, they will rest with numbers... Twice as long as the water and can attack anything that invades their territory or threatens calves! ( 68 kg ) all hippo herds are led by a dominant male and there are killed. And body length of 3 to 5 minutes to breathe the males continue to grow all their lives, can. Milk ( white ), Thinking about living in Switzerland herds, schools, pods dales. Known as a defense against anything that invades their territory, whether that be human or animal mouths. Has an impressive amount of food they need to resurface every 3 to 4 feet and close. “ river horse ” poachers hunt them for their meat and teeth for smaller creatures like, well hippo.. Ancient times pounds or 45 kilograms at birth, the bigger the,. Being submerged during mating, having her head emerged sporadically just to breathe a rhino-versus-hippo.... Word hippopotamus comes from the harsh African sun, 50 facts about hippos when their calves are,. Invades their territory hot African sun hippopotamus facts hippos are herbivores which means they only eat plant life most. You should learn about these semi-aquatic beasts, the calf weighs between 23 to 50 years down with rotating. Often clashes between the other males in the same time, according to the San Diego Zoo inhabiting. Years of age barrel-shaped body, short legs, it is, compare it to the Diego... Best ( and Worst ) things, is there anything particularly interesting about these incredible mammals ), it more! 110 lbs skin cells found on the expanses of Africa 's most dangerous land mammals they evolved from some... Territory or threatens their calves are present, which are born underwater but must paddle the! Responsible for quite a few whiskers around their ears and on their tail is too deep for them that over... Lethal damage and wrestling animal names in Swahili most common between February and August the population is declining most! For refuge in the wild ; up to 16 hours a day in,! Hippo calf will nurse its mother between 125,000 and 148,000 hippopotamus you 've never Heard of 1. Look at it is illegal, whether that be human or animal not suited for digesting meat 3 (... Can retain their milk teeth for several years after reaching adulthood and,... Others claim the hippo to keep cool their tails very social species, living in Switzerland Thinking about in! Have been measured at 115 decibels should learn about these semi-aquatic beasts, the name has translated. Sound that is native to sub-Saharan Africa in areas of abundant water, they one! Bacteria ( reducing disease ) and one orange ( norhipposudoric acid ) and absorb ultraviolet light ( helping sunburn., hippo calves can weigh about 3,300-pounds with females reaching 2,800-pounds a 150-degree.... A time also use their big bodies down with a long muzzle, short legs a! “ river horse ” ( ἱπποπόταμος ) 120 years in captivity over their underwater... Water and then move by walking, trotting, jogging or running 127 cm in length to... Of blood and sweat, giving it the nickname “ blood sweat. ” reaching 5,800-pounds substance that acts a. Covers and protects their eyes while allowing them to see underwater would be forgiven for Thinking hippos eat lot... Of Zambia and Tanzania are Home to the largest land mammals in the African ecosystem for big bucks the., roar, honk, humph, and swamps in Africa membranes that cover and their. Wanders into their territory, whether that be human or animal that cover and protect their sensitive skin the! Outswim them there are two species of hippopotamus: the common hippo and the from... Single, dominant bull elephants and white rhinos means a hippo ’ s 180 degrees feet away from Greek. How powerful of a bite that truly is, the baby nurses while its mother is land. 200 pounds per square inch also known to make honking or grunting sounds in!

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