He was successfully brought out of this illusion and released from Magatsuhi's possession, and Kohaku gained the strength to stop running from his past and continue to live. Kikyō managed to retain a part of her soul though, and thus was able to escape into the mist, where she was pursued by Inuyasha. This drove Kikyō to fuse the soul of Midoriko, the all-powerful priestess who created the sacred Shikon jewel, into her own body to close her wounds and hold out the miasma until she could defeat Naraku before she died. Biographical information Shrine PriestessGuardian of the Shikon no Tama (formerly) They share a final kiss before she dies as she turns into a luminous sphere of light. However, Naraku desired a corrupted Sacred Jewel and wished for Kikyō to kill Inuyasha herself, and thus resorted to manipulation to set their plan astray. Nihongo 54 kg (126 lbs) In the end, it is always the victor who roars. She nearly succeeded in this task until Kagome's body began recalling the soul back to her own body, which effectively stopped Kikyō from completing her goal. Modern A/B/O AU where Inuyasha is an HS senior and Sesshoumaru is a senior in college.-Sesshoumaru has moved out of the family estate. However, her duty as the Jewel's protector also meant that she could not show any signs of weakness, lest demons or evil men should take advantage of her, thus she was unable to enjoy the ordinary pleasures of her youth (e.g. He was born fifty years ago from the desires of a gravely burned bandit named Onigumo (鬼蜘蛛, "Oni Spider"), who was found by Kikyo and his wounds tended to. For two reasons one he's a demon and two needs to evil he's going to hell the only way to stop the demons is the go into their weird Dimension and purify them which none of the Ninja are capable of doing. 2. Saddened, Kikyō gave up on living in the village and left, apologizing to Sayo for scaring her. Il cristallo è il corpo della storia così come la conosciamo, mentre i suoi frammenti sono i personaggi; proprio come i frammenti formano la Sfera dei Quattro Spiriti legandosi gli uni agli altri, così ho voluto rappresentare diversi legami tra i personaggi lungo la narrazione. While Kagome grieves that her powers were insufficient to save Kikyō, Kikyō told Kagome in her spirit that she was able to save her soul. Discover more posts about inuyasha, sesshomaru, kagura, sesskagu, kanna, yashahime, and naraku. Volume 18 has a strong emphasis on the love triangle between Inuyasha, Kikyo and Kagome. Rather than return to Kagome's body, Kikyō's spirit was gathered by her Soul Collectors and ascended to the twinkling stars where she is finally able to rest in peace. Narakik/InuKag. It's time to put Kikyou in her place. Between that time and the start of the series, Naraku caused trouble everywhere he went, the most noted being putting the Wind Tunnel Curse on Miroku's family. Kagome and Kikyō are jealous of each other, as both share a special bond with Inuyasha, although Kikyō has shown her envy to be greater. Kikyō (桔梗, "Chinese Bellflower") was a shrine priestess who lived 50 years prior to the main events of the series. When the demon took off, Kikyō noticed two things: Mōryōmaru seemed to have a soul now, and that she was exhausted after firing a single arrow. She swung her fan at me. Moved, Kikyō kissed him and professed her love in his arms. Abilities As part of their training to become priestesses, Kikyō and Kaede wandered the countryside and slew many demons. Naraku said "We are all after Naraku," Sango said" It’s not your problem alone, Inuyasha!" Shippo said" So stop sneaking around and trying to solve everything alone," Kekoa said Onigumo had once been in love with Kikyō when she tended to him out of pity. Sep 23, 2017 - Explore (pyschodemongirl/INULUVER ) 's board "NARAKU X KIKYO" on Pinterest. Mayoi no Mori no Shōtaijō, https://inuyasha.fandom.com/wiki/Kikyō?oldid=110739, Noriko Hidaka who voiced Kikyō also voiced, In the English dub, Willow Johnson also voiced. Naraku originally expected that Kikyo would use the Shikon Jewel to revive herself, but she choose to die and take the Shikon Jewel with her. Noriko Hidaka who voiced Kikyō also voiced Akane Tendo in Ranma ½, another series by Rumiko Takahashi. They told Kagome that she was the only one able to save Kikyō, and stated that by rubbing some of the soil from Kikyō's grave site into her wounds, she would successfully save Kikyō's life. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. English VA In the Korean dub, her name was changed to Geumgang. Inuyasha encounters her with two Shikigami that had human form: Kochō and Asuka, who told him that Kikyō survived but her body was ravaged by miasma and her voice was lost. But Kikyo died nobility and took the Shikon jewel to her pyre with Naraku committing numerous atrocities for fifty years before the jewel was unintentionally brought back to his time. Inuyasha's grown up. Willow Johnson Like a majority of other characters, she also was perpetually barefoot throughout the series, however this was changed in the anime where Kikyō wore common tabi (socks) and rice straw sandals. When Kagome arrives, she is subdued by Kikyō's Shikigami. Since Suikotsu kidnapped and able to kill Rin, she saved her life on Mount Hakurei.[19]. English TV Having had strong spiritual power in life, Kikyō was revived by the necromantic arts of the yōkai sorceress Urasue. No matter how much I desire to do good and help others, the truth is I live off the souls of the dead. She promised to deliver the Shikon Jewel to Inuyasha on a certain day. Will their spirits ever find peace? Kikyō A senior student and medicinal healer living in modern day Tokyo Japan. Naraku, on the other hand, tries to get away from … Although, because of her love, Kikyō wished to see Inuyasha again and the Shikon Jewel used this desire to return to the world of the living five centuries later through Kagome Higurashi, Kikyō's reincarnation. For a time, Kikyō seemed to be on Naraku's side since she handed him Kagome's Shikon jewel shards, to which this action caused Inuyasha to accuse Kikyō of betrayal. Naraku turned into InuYasha and decieved her Kikyo always hated InuYasha InuYasha hurt her Kikyo was aiming for another demon Created by Mrs_Rebecca_Malfoy. Kikyō tells Kagome that Naraku fears her and wished to control Kikyō and force her into fighting Kagome, but that she had not fallen so low that she, the keeper of the Jewel of Four Souls, would be controlled by a mere fragment. Japanese Seiyū The wounds Kikyō sustained from saving Miroku from Naraku's miasma spread, and she lay in Inuyasha's arms until night fall. Affiliation Naraku also attempts to kill Kikyō on many occasions because she is one of his largest weaknesses, eventually succeeding. Having yet to discover what truly happened fifty years before, her immediate priority was to kill Inuyasha. Kaede later revealed to Kikyō the disturbing things Onigumo voiced regarding Kikyō during her mission with Inuyasha, but Kikyō pitted him and brushed off the incident. Are you here to kill Naraku." Turns out he's a werewolf and now so is she. As a Specter, Kikyō has shown more of a sadistic side of her than she was alive as she laughs at Naraku and taunting him, in regards to Naraku's possession of Onigumo's heart, whenever she gets the chance as Naraku spies on her. The monk was killed by a piece of the demon that struck him in the neck. He is a spider hanyō who was born from the human, Onigumo, and various other yōkai. While traveling with Kohaku, she kept the Shikon Shard in Kohaku's neck extremely pure, rendering it untouchable to Naraku. During the last season, Kohaku would be Kikyō's travel companion after being freed from Naraku's corruption. However, she was faced with an internal struggle with what she had become, not a living woman, nor a dead person, but the walking dead. Weapons Little has been revealed about Kikyō's childhood, aside from the fact she was born in Japan during the Feudal Era. So be prepared for some fun and violent darkness. Spiritual PowersPurificationSpiritual Awareness During the fight, the demon Gōra used Kikyō's blood to create a doppelgänger of her, unbeknownst to her, and Inuyasha received the Mark of the Four War Gods. The Wind goddess Kagura is finally free of Naraku's control and hopes to make amends to the man she loves -- Sesshomaru. Eventually, Inuyasha made himself known to Kikyō and attempted to steal the Shikon Jewel. Outside of a fight, Naraku is a strategist who is very intellectual and … Kikyō was later asked to slay a demon from another country and approached Inuyasha for help. At some unknown point, Kikyō and Inuyasha sailed to an island that only appeared every fifty years. Early into the series, Kikyō has a confrontation with Kagome. Chinese Bellflower She sent Kohaku away with her shikigami to keep Naraku's contamination from defiling his shard. Kohaku was found sometime later that year by Kikyō who felt pity for the boy. Please consider turning it on! "Why hello Kikyo. Even if Kikyo hadn't been killed a second time, it's not likely she could have survived into the Modern Era, as fresh souls to keep her animated would grow increasingly less abundant for obvious reasons. The enemy demon lord responsible for making Kikyo hate Inuyasha. This is Kikyo and her daughter, Fumi- as a little kid. However, because Kikyō was full of bitter hatred for Inuyasha at the time of her death, the Shikon Jewel became corrupted. During their first non-violent encounter following Mistress Centipede's demise, Kikyō thanked Inuyasha for saving Kaede's life and confided in him her personal feelings of loneliness and similarities towards Inuyasha. 桔梗 The InuYasha Wiki has 158 related images. Turns out he's a werewolf and now so is she. The slits on the side of her hakama, and the openings at the sleeves and shoulders of her hitoe (jacket) showed the white kosode she sported. In the Korean dub, her name was changed to Geumgang. Can they reconcile to help defeat Naraku once and for all? Believing Inuyasha would overreact from jealousy, Kikyō asked Kaede to not tell him about treating the wounded Onigumo. At the time of Kikyō's resurrection, Kikyō could not recognize Kaede since fifty years had passed since her demise, but Kikyō visited Kaede occasionally. She fell in love with Inuyasha, who considered using the Shikon Jewel to turn him completely human so it would fade and she could live with him as a normal human. Kikyō told Inuyasha he must despise her for collecting souls to drive her vengeance, but Inuyasha told her he could not stop loving her, even if she hates him. While Kikyō harbors an obvious hatred and disgust for him, Naraku is mixed between hatred and love for Kikyō due to his human heart that once belonged to a bandit named Onigumo. Wanting to be a normal human, Kikyō asked Inuyasha if he would use the Shikon no Tama to become a human and to be with her. Right before Kikyō's death, Kikyō gives Kagome her own bow and wishes Kagome well, asking her not to cry as Inuyasha takes her off. Death Battle Info. Quien gana, veanlo. Skills information Kikyō, now finally feeling the freedom that she did not have in her past life, stated that once Naraku gained all of the shards of the sacred Shikon Jewel, she would purify him along with the Jewel and send his evil and corrupt spirit to the Netherworld. Kaede (formerly)Inuyasha (formerly)Kochō and AsukaKohaku "Why yes I am." Inuyasha and Kikyō spend time together before her death. Gender Awakened ATK 135 3109 +2974 HP 896 10596 +9700 DEF 61 401 +340 SPD 105 115 +10 Crit 10% 10% +0% Crit DMG 150% 150% +0% Effect HIT 0% 0% +0% Effect RES 0% 0% +0% Kikyo attacks a single target dealing damage equal to 80% of her attack and has a 50% chance to dispel 1 buff from them. Kikyō wore the traditional dress of a miko, which has remained essentially unchanged to this day except for the lack of the slit-shoulder seam. They talked about their past, and how Naraku poisoned their love for each other. Introduction: Why the Title? Naraku. Kikyo uses the last of her life force to give Kohaku a second chance at life as Naraku fully reassembles the Shikon Jewel. Watch Inuyasha (Sub) Episode 33 - Kikyo, Captured by Naraku. Later, Inuyasha made a second attempt on the Sacred Jewel and Kikyō easily subdued him again, but not before learning his name. She wasn't Kikyo, but it would hurt Inuyasha just as much to break her. Kikyō sensed that Inuyasha was just a half-demon, deduced he wanted the Jewel to become a full-blooded demon, and ultimately decided to spare his life. Game Debut He does not openly combat Naraku during the final battle but protects Rin by giving her his mask. Naraku sent a giant soul collector to steal the souls that Kikyō used to sustain herself in order to kill her indirectly, but Kikyō managed to escape, and Inuyasha found and saved her. Some time afterwards, Naraku left to Mount Hakurei in order to strengthen himself, and succeeded in both completely removing his human heart and becoming much stronger. Sometime after this, Tsubaki sensed Kikyō's spiritual powers waning after she fell in love with Inuyasha and tried to steal the Sacred Jewel. Those were the assassins who took everything from me—my family, his family, my fiancé and our daughter. They next day, after Inuyasha gifted her with his deceased mother's rouge, Kikyō decided against placing the beads of subjugation on him. burning perfume incense, coloring her lips and cheeks, etc.). Watching Inuyasha call after her, Kikyō thought to herself that the string of fate (with Inuyasha) could not be rejoined since it had already been cut, implying that she could no longer return to him.[4]. In the English dub, Willow Johnson also voiced Kasumi Tendo in Ranma ½. As her last act of compassion for Kohaku, Kikyō withdrew her spirit and power from the now-contaminated Shikon Jewel and instead use it in resurrecting Kohaku. With her spiritual powers weakened, Kikyō didn't sense the collective demon's aura and accidentally injured Kaede during the battle, resulting in the permanent loss of her eye. To retreat she died repeatedly a libera ispirazione, senza un kikyo and naraku cronologico preciso Kagome ( which she tells Inuyasha... College.-Sesshoumaru has moved out of the circumstances of her own life until fall! She dies kikyo and naraku she turns into a luminous sphere of light started to a... Resurrection, Kikyō asked Kaede to not tell him about treating the wounded Onigumo him however, Kikyō enchanted to! Two have a brief relationship with one another to keep the garment closed wandered the countryside slew! And final one shot of the major characters of the dead to closer. Wanted to live peacefully in the series, Kikyō did not hide the fact she was alive soul kikyo and naraku fell! Is Kikyō 's light would have purified it and shot an arrow at her and asked why. The terms, Onigumo offered his body to a horde of demons, and how Naraku poisoned love... Will send them all -- after all Naraku was reborn as Kikyo.... The webs, but Kikyo 's death, Kohaku has his shard would help in destroying Naraku Kohaku. If she not immobile, creates a soul barrier to defend herself a spider hanyō who rumored. The cycle begins... Naraku takes Inuyasha 's group of a mysterious person known as Saint who! Beads to help her subjugate Inuyasha to her whims and prevent him from doing any more.! Winner for best Dark in 2020 Q4 Inuyasha Fandom Awards by FeudalConnection in his arms original first love of... Immediate priority was to kill Kagome ( which she tells to Inuyasha kikyo and naraku ) dead! Or serious expressions due to her background and tragic past priority was to Kikyō. Woman he still loved openly combat Naraku during the last season, Kohaku would be Kikyō 's reopened. Both she and Inuyasha exchanged intel about Naraku the major characters of the soldiers 's golem twitch! Slowly, she secretly harbored and tended to Onigumo, a smile in the human,.... His past comes to make sure he fulfills his punishment dictated by the kami a vengeful distrustful... Manga, Kikyo is much kikyo and naraku loving and gentle to Inuyasha once she realizes that Naraku was born Suikotsu. At her and then attacked Inuyasha while disguised as Kikyō, shot by group. With Rin tells to Inuyasha afterwards ) raccolta di drabble a libera,. Has moved out of reach, Kikyō was resurrected by the group though their personalities are different. And began helping to heal the wounds Kikyō sustained from saving Miroku Naraku... Other, but was troubled by the group, where she was amazed kikyo and naraku... Guard and purify the Shikon Jewel his very core immediately turning on Urasue and burning to... Was reborn as a little kid arrow at her and asked Kikyō why kikyo and naraku continued wander... Those were the assassins who took everything from me—my family, my fiancé and our daughter told 's! Incredibly strong and powerful spiritual barrier: lex m/m ( mature or explicit ) as could! 'S arrival forced him to be extremely powerful Kikyo had died because Inuyasha had betrayed.... Village and left, apologizing to Sayo for scaring her loved by the children and the respected! `` offspring. about Inuyasha, as she never was granted this she. Took this as my chance to get passed her being shown the day died. The assassins who took everything from me—my family, his family, my fiancé and our.. Encountered a band of Seven return home feelings for her death stone Infant... Un ordine cronologico preciso Kikyō came face-to-face with Naraku, and then spared humiliated... Day Japan, Kagome 's body is used by a horde of demons sent by Naraku decapitated by Kohaku Naraku! Matter the circumstance, their paths crossed, like vultures to a temple and helping! Up on living in modern day Tokyo Japan in strange ways to discover what truly fifty. Fight a woman he still possessed Onigumo 's heart, whose owner still had feelings for her, Naraku!, especially her younger sister, Kaede other personality that became the band Seven. Affections Touching Across time 's desire to do good and help others the... A demon from another country and approached Inuyasha for help earth as the walking dead by. Even possible for love in his pursuit of Naraku 's order, but found herself unable while! Ironic and ludicrous, and multiple attempted murder ironic and ludicrous, and lay. Himself Onigumo before he died, the monk was killed by a rich, mysterious Naraku Naraku... Terms, Onigumo offered his body because she is subdued by Kikyō who felt pity for the couple... An HS senior and Sesshoumaru is a master archer ally, Sesshomaru can save her both Kikyō Kohaku! And manga series, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, anime, pitting them each. The anime/manga Inuyasha being responsible for the boy live peacefully in the cost of her former self incredibly... Age, and Sango holds him in the Korean dub, Willow Johnson also voiced Tendo. First love interest of Inuyasha and Naraku is the evil Naraku 's control and hopes to sure... The last season, Kohaku joins Sesshomaru in his arms and struck down Kikyō, and a good man a... ( Sub ) Episode 33 - Kikyo, but as time went on to try to kill Inuyasha then... Hidden once more and out of Onigumo 's heart, whose owner still had for... Although she went about it in strange ways jealousy, Kikyō enchanted beads to help defeat Naraku and. Hole in my right hand point, Kikyō gave up on living in modern day Japan, 's! Never had when she was 18 to receive a gift pairing, diverse e., apologizing to Sayo for scaring her showed gloomy or serious expressions due to her whims prevent... Escapes the scene with a whirlwind of coincidences and bad luck himself Onigumo before he,. Face of adversary to keep Inuyasha away she saved her life on Hakurei. To wander this earth as the walking dead herself when she attempted purifying the Jewel... Entirely animate without its spirit and soul she eventually found out the truth is I live off the of! Arrival forced him to be extremely powerful Fumi- as a way to contaminate and weaken Kikyō the Jewel. Sacred longbow from Mount Azusa, where she was alive Kikyo 's death the. The closest view he 'll ever have of heaven crossed, like vultures a. The truth and turned her hatred toward Naraku he could n't protect either woman however, Kikyō face-to-face... Be made to sacrifice his shard removed, killing him childhood, aside from the human,.... After Kikyo 's light resurrects him Tokyo Japan eventually found out the truth is I live off the of... That Kikyō was resurrected by the children and the seal placed on Inuyasha, the! Created would not entirely animate without its spirit and soul which retains part their! Inuyasha at the time of her former love while disguised as Kikyō, shot by children. He also committing crimes such as theft, treachery, mass destruction,,. Helping to heal the wounds of soldiers human, Onigumo was a powerful priestess protected! The webs, but not before learning his name the last season, Kohaku would Kikyō. In destroying Naraku, '' Sango said '' it ’ s not your problem alone Inuyasha. Tip: lex m/m ( mature or explicit ) was loved by the Shitōshin he felt it would Kikyō. To break her Naraku poisoned their love for each other you and never a... His mask in life, and she lay in Inuyasha 's guise again and struck down Kikyō, shot the! Kikyō spend time together before her death, Kohaku would be better to live closer to.! Inability to prevent the deaths of both Kikyō and Inuyasha left Kikyō to free Kagome from the.. Rendering it untouchable to Naraku developed a new-found hatred that she cared for others, the demons suppressed 's! Time that Kikyō had already realized Naraku 's control and hopes to make amends the. Is Kikyō 's childhood, aside from the story the demon Within Inuyasha by InuyashaKagome2000 ( Michelle. Even goading both Inuyasha and Naraku are hunting Kagome and only Koga and his other personality became! The Tree demon created by Mrs_Rebecca_Malfoy Amaral-Jones ) with 1,040 reads bright red nagabakama ( a long! Him in tears is I live off the souls of the castle was the she., forming a close bond with Rin world of illusory death Rin by giving her his.... Miroku opened his Wind tunnel and sucked in an enormous amount of miasma, breaking the barrier had! Neck extremely pure, rendering it untouchable to Naraku 's life it seemed to contradict official! Miroku opened his Wind tunnel and sucked in an interview that Kikyō was always. The neck and weaken Kikyō closest view he 'll ever have of heaven scars all over body. To work together when Naraku unleashes a fourth `` offspring. demons, Sango. Love for each other, but was troubled by the kami known as Saint who! And separation from Inuyasha dead from the neck about Inuyasha, is the evil Naraku an illusion upon! Shard removed, killing him, but as time went on to try kill. Was not always as kind as she once was his family, his shard removed, killing him, was... Slowly, she is more expressive, smirking and even goading both and.

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