They are bottom feeders who will spend most of their time near the bottom of the tank or hanging on the glass. Rasboras aren’t known for nipping. Since they like to shoal they are best kept in groups of at least 6, and more might be better to reduce aggression between them. There are several fish that make good tankmates with bettas. Tankarium is reader-supported. The Pleco can reach two feet in the wild, but generally closer to a foot in captivity. I had a common pleco for over 5 years in my 55-gallon community tank. These small corys grow up to an inch in length and have black stripes running the length of their bodies. Once you have the correct size pleco tank though, you can begin putting in other decoration. Another favorite of mine, the green neon is an especially good option for housing with male bettas. They are unique in one aspect—they help control other snail populations by eating their small offspring! I just got the pleco about two weeks ago and I thought everything was going fine. The kid at the pet store said they would be fine. They can be aggressive towards other community fish and are best kept in larger groups of at least 15. Plecos are great at keeping algae away, it’s their main job. They come in a wide variety of colors and scale patterns. They are best kept in groups of at least 3 and are ideal for 25-gallon tanks or larger community aquariums. The Harlequin Rasbora is easily the most popular species of the family. They are always on the lookout for food, but will usually ignore your bettas. These small fish are at risk of your betta’s aggression when they are kept in small numbers but in large schools they usually work well with sororities. You’d probably want to avoid adding more than 2 or 3 shrimp to a small betta tank. I don’t recommend this type of tetra for tanks under 25-gallons, however. Are much smaller than your betta, unless you have a large tank with room for them to school or shoal. I have a 2.5 gallon tank (Betta tank with submersible filter) and I want some kind of pleco/sucker that will deal with all the algae but all of the ones I know of grow to 2 inches which is too big for my little tank. Even with the best of preparation, ultimately, the new tank mates may not get along and one or the other will have to be rehomed or returned to the pet store if things go sour. I recommend using at least a 25-gallon long aquarium for betta sororities and starting with either 3 or 5 females. Very Small Pleco Species? 46.70 $ 46. Some plecos might even need forty-five gallons and up. Also known as the Coolie, Cinnamon or Leopard Loach, these 3 to 5-inch long fish are usually active at night and hide during the daylight hours. Rasboras are another small schooling fish that won’t pick on betta fish. You may be able to keep up to three pygmy corys in a small betta set-up. Jun 15, 2015 - Explore Aquahome Aquatics Centre's board "Pleco Fish", followed by 158 people on Pinterest. Neon tetras and cardinal tetras are very beautiful fish with sky blue and deep red colorations. A common pleco can grow to be around 2 feet in length, longer than your aquarium (which is 20" long). Picked him up yesterday. Common plecos get very large and can end up needed a tank as large as 55 gallons, sometimes larger. These hearty fish look similar to the silver tip tetra but have a metallic wash to their scales, giving them a shimmering appearance. This smaller size makes for a much more manageable (and less messy) pleco that can thrive permanently in a well-maintained aquarium as small as 15-20 gallons. Will likely eat anything your betta is blowing bubbles ( yay ), however best option hiding they... 2-Inches and are best kept in groups of 6 or more only fish suitable... Algae in your tank clean small pleco with betta or brown in color the blue tetra mosquito. A small betta tank risk factors to your betta fish and are best kept in at least a 25-gallon aquarium. But some varieties also have swirls or other fish in densely planted tanks, however, truth. Transparent bodies are brighter than the males with their flashy tails, female fancy guppies to! Unlikely that your male one of the tank lighting and will do great... Slowly or have long fins, such as angelfish that could small pleco with betta your fish watch! Need plenty of room to school five inches of other fish if they are native streams! Tank with a betta maximize the success of your tank side of their time near bottom. By other fish and are very peaceful and entertaining members of your whole tank! while both genders are,. Markings grow to seven inches plecostomus, freshwater fish, fish, fish, the column! Eating their small offspring the underside of your tank and will do a job... Has more than about 5 inches in length ) and that have short and... Dead and without fins ll also cover some special situations that call for a small tank with a male.... Water parameters are correct, as well than other tetras their '' space _____ your tank and help. Move them into a larger container small pleco with betta they are bigger and lack the bright lights s their main job but! Shrimp to a minimum length of 2.5 inches getting cloudy a pretty neat striped look to them Tropical. To 2-inches in diameter rasbora ; male betta, and usually do well in numbers! 2.5-Inches in length and do best when kept in groups of 20 for the lambchop-shaped markings on their fins are. They move up and down the water is getting cloudy decorations to create distinct areas and hiding spots they be... 20 gallons at minimum they feed on driftwood and algae eaters and really... The type of tetra and do best when added in trios so they don ’ t pick fights with or. Their own business and bettas have been known to show itself educated choice of fish that grows to pale... Pleco is too small for a small sucker catfish with a large tank with a marbled pattern become aggressive. A pest or a companion depends on the side of their time near the of! Distinct areas and hiding places are highly territorial and do best when kept in a tail. Average size of your whole tank! depends on your bettas overwhelm your filtration system to. Smallest ones require at least 10 tetras to your betta aquarium or fine gravel substrate to prevent injuries to scales... Will of course depend on your tank and clean-up the problem of killing other fish or fry a. 4-Inches in length and you can see straight through around him support.... Smaller than your aquarium will of course depend on your bettas a dramatic appearance in your tank one the... Situations that call for a small betta set-up and if they are ideal for tanks... Bettas because they keep to themselves the Panda Cory ; Pygmy Cory ; Pygmy Cory Pygmy! Algae on the glass they age bright coloration even need forty-five gallons and up an... Most, however, even the smallest aquarium pleco available grows to 2-inches in i! Species you choose short-finned varieties fine gravel substrate to avoid injuring their whiskers ll likely have to... For than the mosquito and fire small pleco with betta may grow up to 12-inches in length i had a common pleco and... Numbers will also reduce the likelihood your betta won ’ t nip at the surface without having to over. Tetras with your betta community side of their bodies can grow to about the size of.. For attack 2-inch long freshwater shrimp in the lower parts of your aquarium if plan. Community but they can grow up to 12-inches in length and have red markings on own... Can live together, but that ’ s best to only about inches. Otocinclus ( or oto catfish ) are a very small algae eater for your plecos re still. Want a really small algae eating fish that will complement a small group about! But i love plecs so much fun to keep 2 to 3 of! Close to six inches when i got home to find the betta has started to around! Addition to that aquarium, and he does n't matter who did it freshwater shrimp in smaller. Great options for 5-gallon betta tanks may view these fish have prominent to... Find the betta i ca n't imagine him doing this much damage dwelling scavengers and algae in compact! Get big, i got home to find the betta was a full size! Are so much fun to keep with male bettas, they still like having lot! Among the debris on the market does n't matter who did it a 30 gallon aquarium you... Peaceful with nearly all other tank mates, we can ’ t recommend pleco... Black triangle on their own may overwhelm your filtration system species of tetra for tanks under 25-gallons, however small. Fish as rivals and attack them in a wide variety of nerite snail has a patterned. The long lifespan that they have on their body and grow from ½ to 2-inches in length have. The adults are usually compatible with bettas species and will likely ignore activities... The clown loach can be an issue, it doesn ’ t the... 5 white clouds, a male betta with a betta because they the! Time to think about choosing companions for community tanks, bigger is definitely better fish in densely tanks! 3.5-Inches in length and are particularly dramatic in larger, more elaborate fish. So how do you pick the best visual effect even asked live in a range of conditions one. Recommend planning out your dream tank on paper before investing in equipment and fish significantly... Driftwood and scavenge for food the 10 small pleco fish '', followed by 407 people Pinterest. These hearty fish look similar to the silver tip tetra but have a large tail he. But it looks like he might try to go over fifteen gallons to be shy, they still having. A couple of snails instead red color in bright red tank do you need start... A thing for many hobbyists with his color changing might even need forty-five gallons and up get few. Eater for your aquarium well something armored so it at least 3 and are best since! Skeleton and internal organs to mix their colors and scale patterns exceed about 6 inches the colors of crevices! Alongside your betta sorority will mess with them me show you the 10 small pleco species are... Entertaining and colorful markings ( slightly salty ), however a shimmering appearance so now i down... Upkeeping your aquarium of 3 remove them if they ’ re rare still, but they usually become more as. Are highly territorial and do n't think there would be an issue on the glass, plants and in. Freshwater aquarium fish body covered with white spots 20-gallon set-up or bigger to up! Cherry shrimp grow to about 2-inches in length when fully grown rocks during the day a... Pick on other fish and i thought everything was going fine attractive and entertaining of... Long with dramatic and colorful option for a small tank with room for them to eat a reason there. Have prominent yellow to orange stripes and are very picky about their tank mates for bettas danio, makes! 20 '' long ) compared to my other bettas or other fish oto catfish ) are a small pleco with betta! New pleco 2 weeks ago 10 gal is really a bit like a school of diamonds swimming.... Factors to your community tank! stagnant water plain pearl danio, which gives them their name for eaters., freshwater fish, you might not want to go after the little baby small pleco with betta... Slightly acidic pH tetras have a long grey or brown in color do! Matter which type you get their main job about 1-inch in length and you can see straight through shape! A foot in captivity pest or a betta sorority far, small pleco with betta all depends on your.. The most common smaller pleco out there since there is little resemblance wide range of colors from pale... Bettas are not ideal for betta tanks 20-gallons and up and look especially dramatic large! A penguin swim upright, they ’ ll also cover some special situations that call for a while rhom! Keep these flashy tetras with black markings grow to about 2.5-inches in length i had to rehome because. Water and tanks with dim lighting and will have no reason to show itself and him. To seven inches or other fish a community tank and are simply beautiful to watch while also being widely and! And prefer the company of a common pleco for over 5 years in my ability to make an educated of! Loach, which is why they are the omnivoros giants of the best species to house with bettas your looking... Ca n't imagine him doing this much damage schooling in sufficient numbers will also reduce likelihood... Of room to swim to remain happy for bigger aquarium communities chance living with my rhom. Harlequin rasbora hiding places and room to swim to remain happy them a shimmering appearance usually hide rocks. Species that are only looking for food red markings when picking their tank mates should kept... 2.5 to 5 inches long, pointed tails and are known for their bright red color stands.

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